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USA Tax Services

International Tax

USA Canada Dual Citizen Tax Service

If you are USA citizen living in Canada or Canadian citizen with investment, rental income from the USA, you might have to file a cross border income tax return. We specialize in cross border income tax returns for both personal and businesses.

In September 2012, the IRS released streamlined nonresident tax filing procedures which allows qualifying, “low-risk” Americans living outside of the U.S. to get current on their U.S. filings without facing penalties or additional enforcement action. These streamlined filing procedures are generally not available to persons who have already been contacted by the IRS. So it is important to be current on U.S. filing requirements before the IRS starts receiving information from Canadian financial institutions. It’s best to review your unique situation with a tax professional and determine if you are eligible for streamlined filings, or other disclosure programs.

We can help you with the following tax situations:

USA Citizens (living in Canada) tax returns (Off Shore and OVDI).

Canadian Citizens living in USA, tax returns to IRS and CRA.

Canadians with USA rental, investment income tax returns to USA.

Dual citizens tax returns to Canada and USA with tax credits claim.

Cross-Border Personal, Business tax returns to Canada and USA with tax credits claim.

Non Resident Canadians with Canadian rental, investment income Tax Returns.

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