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Our Guarantee

Worry Free, Peace of Mind,
Money Back- Accuracy Guarantee

We promise to prepare YOUR tax return the most efficient way so that you have the least income tax.If CRA adjust your income tax return, we will review it for accuracy at no cost to  you.

If CRA requests for additional documentation we will help you to organize and present it on your behalf to CRA.

If you qualify we will efile your return for the FASTEST tax refund (in 7 days or less).If for any reason, YOU’RE not satisfied with our efforts to help YOU deal with CRA, we will give YOUR money back … period!And by the way. If we ever do make a mistake preparing your tax return (it happens sometimes … hey — we’re human, too) DON’T WORRY — we will resubmit your return free of cost to CRA  The chances are so slim this could happen to you, but just in case, we want you to know you’re STILL protected by our guarantee!

(Now that’s a real ” NO RISK, All-Your-Bases-Are-Covered ” COMPLETE ACCURACY GUARANTEE! )

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